In the past week, the first guests have already visited us. They tested our rooms and checked how prepared is our staff. They said that our escape room, with the movie theme of Thomas Crown Affair, is great for those who love galleries, or for those who just want to spend great afternoon with their friends. Both groups menage to “escape” a few minutes before the end of their time. Would your team also succeed? Book your appointment to escape and take home a souvenir – your teams Polaroid photo.

Below are some snippets from the pre-opening:


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You are invited to the opening of Movie Escape, which will receive the first guests to play from 1.9.2018 onwards.

For now, we have prepared a room for you to escape, on the movie theme of Thomas Crown Affair. In it, you will be able to turn into curators and try to find the painting from famous artist that has been stolen.

With the code GRAND2018 you can get a 10% discount on reservations in September and October. Just say the code to our employees when you wish to pay.

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